Strategic energy management for installations

Energy & sustainability: strategic energy management for the industry

Sustainability and energy efficiency have developed in the last few years from eco-niche phenomena to real drivers of innovation and profitability. The energy aspect of physical assets influences all levels and activities of an organisation.

Companies are having to deal with rapidly rising prices for energy and raw materials, but at the same time more and more obligations and restrictions are being imposed on them by different authorities. The energy & sustainability consulting team provides advice, project support and gives training.


The transition towards an energy-aware management of your assets starts with a specific analysis. The approach of the Energy & Sustainability consulting team comprises of three levels of audits whereby the various users and processes are outlined in increasing detail. We examine the existing energy flows as well as investigate the possible energy-saving measures.


Agidens constantly provides sustainable solutions that optimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the reliability of your installations and the environmental impact of your activities. Here we look at your hardware and software, as well as examine your processes. In this way our energy-saving measures reduce the ecological footprint of your installations and company. 


A plan is difficult. The implementation and maintenance is even more difficult. That is why our energy & sustainability team takes care of a permanent monitoring and management of your energy flows. The ISO50001 standard is a good tool for this. With our advice and support your company can meet all the requirements regarding optimal energy management.


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