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NEWS: Agidens Life Sciences opens a new office in Pivot Park, Oss (NL)

In the framework of an increasing number of assignments and the existing close collaboration with our customer MSD, Agidens decided to take ‘progress brings us together’ to the next level. With a big project recently assigned and to guarantee a smooth collaboration close to the customer, an additional Agidens office was opened at Pivot Park in Oss.
Pivot Park is a hotspot for pharmaceutical innovation and offers high-end pharma and R&D infrastructure for the Life Sciences industry. This new office therefore perfectly suits it purpose.

Looking forward to fruitful collaborations on and around the Pivot Park. 


The Pivot (RI) - RK building, office 1335
Kloosterstraat 9
5349 AB Oss
The Netherlands


The Pivot (RI)
Industrielaan 63
5349 AE Oss
The Netherlands
T: +31 183 64 33 44
F: +31 183 64 33 45

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