Secure Remote Service

Demands on production are becoming more and more stringent, with availability and product criteria amongst others playing an important role. Systems are therefore becoming increasingly automated, but as a result, they are also becoming more and more complex. This also makes external expertise in maintenance and monitoring of these systems inevitable, without having to go to the plant itself.

The solution: safe and reliable

Agidens’ standard Secure Remote Service solution consists of an industrial VPN device which connects to secured servers in the cloud. The engineers of Agidens also make connection with the same servers through their VPN software. The user management on these servers ensures that only the engineers who have permission can connect to the network of our clients. The data passing through this VPN connection is encrypted from the VPN device up to the engineer. In this way, we can guarantee this data cannot be intercepted.

Through a physical or virtual switch, you can accept or switch off this connection. This allows you to have full control on when our engineers can connect to your network.

Remote access is ideal for making the right diagnosis quickly, but you also want to make sure the remote service connection does not create a security risk for your business’ systems. Agidens offers a high quality VPN solution that is simple and easy to use while guaranteeing perfect protection.

Advantages of the Agidens Secure Remote Service

  • Availability: the VPN connection is often the only way of ensuring support in the short term. The availability of the VPN connection is therefore very important.
  • Stability: when the VPN connection is established, it is very important for it to be stable. High-quality parts must therefore be used.
  • Security: the VPN connection provides a gateway to the outside world from a production environment. Consequently, Agidens makes sure this communication runs through the newest security at all times.

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