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On the road to successful project management, there are many obstacles. Technical installations are becoming more and more complex and the project management to not only build, but also design, engineer and commission them, requires a profound collaboration between different involved parties. In order to make this process more efficient, Agidens introduces iWorld, the project and installation management platform for sustainable and secure collaboration.


iWorld is a secure, cloud-based Sharepoint collaboration application that blends the needs of project and As-Built management.
iWorld provides to its users secure and seamless access to protected and sensitive documents from virtually anywhere in the world and across devices. Endless emails, lost conversations, unefficient version management and uncertainty about agreements become a thing of the past. iWorld simply makes sure that all stakeholders see and talk about the same information during the project and afterwards for the complete life cycle of your installation.


Different modules and features provide an answer to the changing needs during the different life cycle phases of your technical installation.

In this module, for the course of the project, all project management documentation is centrally managed in a shared library. This way, no important information gets lost in individual employee mailboxes and all relevant info is centrally managed and shared with all stakeholders. Furthermore a collaboration zone is available for sharing and commenting technical documents.

In this module, all technical documentation and configuration files are centrally managed, according to your company requirements or international standards (e.g. CE Machine Directive). The library grows progressively towards a finalized As-Built documentation set at the end of the project. Afterwards both you and the Agidens Service Team have controlled access to all relevant maintenance information. When combined with a service agreement, Agidens can take care of keeping all technical documents and drawings up-to-date. Furthermore, ATECH supports management of multiple installations and/or multi-sites.


  • Available 24/7
  • All information stored at one location
  • No more unmanaged documents in individual mailboxes
  • Centralized review and comments
  • Controllable user access
  • Stable and safe @ the Cloud
  • Access across devices
  • Protection of sensitive information
  • Available from anywhere in the world
  • Relevant meta data = full text searchable
  • Version - history - audit management
  • Alert function for changes or new documents

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