Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. This applies also to possible problems with your process installations. That´s why Agidens provides companies with support in setting up and implementing a preventative maintenance plan that is constantly attuned to the specific operational situation and needs. Our service provision in relation to preventative maintenance often forms part of a Service Level Agreement. All the while your team can focus on the production.

Our service includes:
  • Formulating and reviewing specific checklists
  • Ordering materials and equipment
  • Checking the proper functioning and functionality
  • Making new backups
  • Checking events, error messages, hard disk performance and utilisation
  • Removing superfluous log files
  • Visual inspection of cables and connections
  • Inspection of panels and electrical diagrams
  • Inspection of batteries, filters, status UPS, status field network connections, etc.
  • Report of activities and findings
If you wish, we can take over from you the complete responsibility for the entire maintenance. We would then take full care of the technical, organisational and budgetary aspects of your maintenance. If desired, we can integrate our own teams with the departments of other companies to form a perfect one-stop shop. A permanent team at location would see to all your questions and needs.

Life cycle monitoring

Documenting and monitoring maintenance activities is a specialisation in itself. Agidens helps you in the monitoring of all facets relating to maintenance. This can involve making an overview of licences or outlining outdated components in an installation. We also keep track of any interventions that have been carried out and examine any improvements, manuals and training programmes.

Advice regarding spare parts

Storing spare parts is expensive. Agidens advices you in putting together spare part lists and ensures that the lists are kept up to date. We take care of the overview of the availability of spare parts for you.

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