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Agidens supports Ava & Trix
It is a sad, but realistic phenomenon that less and less students graduate in engineering. Not enough teenagers, and especially girls, are choosing to become an engineer. Consequently, there is a lack of engineers on the labour market to fulfill the growing need of our society for technological development. Since our future depends on science and technology, it is very important to get students and kids excited and involved. That's why Agidens supports creative and progressive initiatives such as Ava & Trix.

Ava & Trix is a story-driven app for boys and girls between 8 and 11. It teases children to conduct experiments in science and technology, at school and at home.

Our employees got the opportunity to nominate a school and motivate why the school of their choice should win an Ava & Trix package. Four schools were selected and received their very own Ava & Trix toolbox! 

We hope that initiatives like these will trigger children to explore science and technology, and offer them a wider range of (career) choices for the future. That's how we all benefit from it. 


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